Some Joker with a Knife

This is a Royal Flush gambling with some Joker with a knife, with the fuel of alcohol nearby….

Shot on my kitchen table, using a black velour fabric for the background. The only light was from a northeast-facing window to the right of the camera, and thankfully if was overcast late that morning. At first, I had bounce card on the left, but it took some of the mystery of the shadows away. I ended up putting a black flag on the left to absorb the light and prevent any light from bouncing back onto the scene.

I used a handheld Sekonic light meter, set the camera to manual mode with as small of an aperture opening as this zoom lens had.
I also used a ColorChecker Passport to set a custom white balance in the camera. The only post processing that I did (in Lightroom) was to remove a few dozen white dust specs from the black velour.

ISO 100
3.2 seconds

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