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If you have a commercial photography opportunity that you would like to work with me on, here’s how you can contact me:

Cell phone: 512-431-9573
Austin, Texas, USA

2 thoughts on “Contact Gregg”

  1. Hi Greg, are your images for Sale? specifically interested in the tower and the inscription on the Tower for a non profit brochure in austin.

  2. Hi Gregg: Your notes on setting a custom White balance on my Olympus OM D 5 made a huge difference.I now have another problem and wonder if you have any notes to share… I need to get the sharpest, highest resolution image I can for a reproduction of one of my paintings. I cannot seem to get this right on my camera and am sure I am misreading the directions or something. Do you have any notes on this or advice? Any and all suggestions are most welcome.


    Victoria Joyce
    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

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