Temporarily Off The Air

I have been too busy lately to spend any leisure time on the internet or read anyone else’s blog. Right now I am too busy to put together a new blog post of my own.  Well, OK I did find the time to create this little post. 🙂

I did go out on my Saturday morning walk, and took my camera with me, but I haven’t had the time to do anything more than just get the photos onto my computer and back them up. Things should slow down to something more “normal” by this next weekend.

If you remember the Indian Head TV test pattern shown above, then you realize that this station is only temporarily off the air. Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “Temporarily Off The Air”

  1. I love the old test pattern. Busy here too and I will get with you on that email image issue soon. Got a break this afternoon, but things will ramp up again tonite. Gotta love print deadlines 😉

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