A Bridge Under Construction

For the past few months, I have been wrestling internally with myself over what to do with my old, outdated web site.  I mean, it was up and running, and had links to a few of my photo galleries, but it just looked like it was designed in 1996.  Well actually it was….

So I did a little research, and stumbled upon a book named “Get Your Photography on the Web” by Rafael “RC” Conception.  In it, he described how to build a new web site using a open framework utility program known as WordPress.  I started reading this book before Christmas, got about half way through, and then got busy with other aspects of trying to set up my new photography business.  About a week ago, I picked the book back up again – this time with determination to get it done.

After finding out that my old web site was on an old server, that would not support WordPress, the tech support at Go Daddy moved my old web site to a newer server, and sent me the instructions on how to install WordPress.

Yesterday I went to a Scott Kelby seminar here in Austin, and at the lunch break I walked up, intruduced myself to Scott, shook his hand, and had him autograph my Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It book that I had brought to the seminar with me.  I handed him my new photography business card. I also said something about my web site being very poor, and told him that I had bought RC’s book, and was about to do something about it.  Scott replied with something like, “Well, that’s a good start.”  He was trying to be polite and somewhat encouraging, but after I returned to my seat I vowed that I just wasn’t ever going to have to feel embarassed or apologetic about my web site.  Sooo…

Last night I went home, deleted everything off of my old web site, and instructed Go Daddy to install WordPress to run my web site.  So here it is…. and now I need to learn how to use it!  Feel free to watch me build this bridge.  I don’t know if I will figure it all out quickly or not.

I hope to.  I need to!

Thanks for reading.



7 thoughts on “A Bridge Under Construction”

  1. How can I buy 50 or so calendars? Thinking about giving them to clients as thank you for having me out to their homes. What’s a fair price for them?

    1. Greg, unfortunately I am unable to sell any of the calendars. I did not get the artists’ permissions. It’s a copyright issue. If I received their permissions, I would assume that they would want some sort of compensation for that permission. I wasn’t prepared to deal with all of that, so I only had 50 of the calendars printed and feel safe that I can give them away to friends, family, and clients – as long as I don’t actually sell them.
      Are you getting any comments about the calendar from your customers that visit your facility?

  2. It looks like you are starting to build your Bridge. The website is made, now the images need to be added to it. Sounds simple – but you know that. You’ll get that all figured out.

  3. What’s your next great project? We loved your 2012 calendar. My kids wanted it to use, but I wouldn’t let them because the pictures are so great.

    1. Georgia, I’m glad to hear that you like it! I still have about 10 of them left. If the kids will put them where other people will get to see them, I can bring another one to our next dinner party.

  4. I LOVE this picture of the bridge. It is my favorite from the 2010 calendar. I still have it in my kitchen & it still says that it is Aug 2010!

    1. Lisa, I like that one too! It was one from the very first batch I took when I just wandered out of the house looking for something to photograph when I got my first DSLR camera.

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