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Some Joker with a Knife

This is a Royal Flush gambling with some Joker with a knife, with the fuel of alcohol nearby….

Shot on my kitchen table, using a black velour fabric for the background. The only light was from a northeast-facing window to the right of the camera, and thankfully if was overcast late that morning. At first, I had bounce card on the left, but it took some of the mystery of the shadows away. I ended up putting a black flag on the left to absorb the light and prevent any light from bouncing back onto the scene.

I used a handheld Sekonic light meter, set the camera to manual mode with as small of an aperture opening as this zoom lens had.
I also used a ColorChecker Passport to set a custom white balance in the camera. The only post processing that I did (in Lightroom) was to remove a few dozen white dust specs from the black velour.

ISO 100
3.2 seconds

CowParade Austin Calendar – February – Moosic Capital

This is only the 2nd day of my new web site, and already I find myself with something to add.  I don’t believe I am a blogger, but two days in a row might make one wonder….

Today about 40 of my friends, family, and clients will be turning the page on the CowParade Austin 2012 promotional calendar that Barb and I had made and handed out around Christmas.  For February, the pictured cow is “Mosic Capital”. The artist is Sharon Roy Finch, and the financial sponsor was Coats Rose.

This cow was located on the southeast corner of 2nd and Congress Ave. here in Austin, TX. Dad and I arrived a little after 8:00 AM on Sept. 3, 2011 to photograph this cow, which was positioned very close to one of the Austin GuitarTown guitars that were on public display in 2007. The guitar was “Twinkle, Twinkle, Lonestar”.

There was a bright haze in the sky, so we tried to keep it out of our photos, but that wasn’t easy.  The most difficult part of the photo that ended up in the calendar was simply waiting, and waiting for an opportunity for when there were no pedestrians or ugly traffic in the background.

The photo above appears to be compressed horizontally when viewed in Internet Explorer 8, but looks fine in Internet Explorer 9. Not sure how any of this appears in other browsers. I have no idea why this is happening – the photo above was exported from Lightroom with the exact same settings as the photo below. By the way, to “uncompress” the photo above, or to see any of these photos at a larger size, just click on them. You will then have to use the “Back” button to return to my post.

What surprised me the most about this cow was how different it looked on the opposite side from what is shown on the calendar. Here it is:

That is an accurate color rendition!

Anyway, here are a few other photos that I took while we were near this particular cow.

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